25 Everyday Appreciation Tips

by Betty Lochner on July 5, 2011

Appreciation ~ the act of noticing and recognizing the people around you in a positive way.

Everyone has a real need to feel appreciated and valued. And, showing genuine appreciation is one of the most powerful communication tools you can have. It will open doors to a better conversation, a positive exchange, and ultimately a better relationship.

Even though we know the power of appreciation, sometimes we just don’t get around to doing it on a regular basis. So, I’ll make it easy for you. Here are 25 easy ways to show appreciation every day. I challenge you to try at least one today!

1. Say hello to everyone you pass on your way through the office/house.

2. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.

3. Make eye contact with someone and smile for no reason.

4. Say “Please” and “Thank you.”

5. Call someone by their name.

6. Send a hand-written thank you card to someone.

7. Give a compliment about a waiter, waitress, sales clerk, etc. to his or her manager.

8. Compliment a stranger on something you like (glasses, shoes, car, dog, etc.)

9. Send a letter or email of appreciation to a business owner/manager when you get good service.

10. Say something kind to a stranger.

11. Tell a boss or teacher that they are doing a great job.

12. Thank someone for something that they have taught you.

13. Wish someone you don’t know very well a happy birthday.

14. Ask someone for their opinion.

15. Bring cookies or fruit for everyone at your office.


16. Leave a thank-you note for the office janitors.

17. Repeat something nice you heard about someone else.


18. Notice something new about someone you know – their clothes, their weight, etc.

19. Acknowledge someone for a job well done. Be specific.

20. Tell someone they inspired your action.

21. Make yourself available and approachable.

22. Smile and wave to a child.

23. Pay attention and really listen when someone is talking to you.

24. Tell someone you missed them.

25. Invite someone to go to coffee, lunch, or on a walk with you.

Do you have your own favorite daily appreciation tip? Please share it!





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