3 ways to turn around a bad day at work

by Betty Lochner on January 12, 2011

I think knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can. – Lucille Ball

One of my favorite episodes on the I Love Lucy show was when Lucy and Ethel worked in a chocolate factory and the candy conveyor belt kept going faster and faster. How did they react? They started stuffing the chocolates in their mouths to stay ahead.

Ever feel like you just need to stuff some chocolates to make it work? Ever had one of those kind of days? Yeah, we all do once in a while. But how you react to your bad day can make it worse, or turn it around.

Well, here are a few ideas for turning your bad day around.

1. Admit your mistakes.

If you screw up, apologize. We are all human, and built to make mistakes now and then. Come clean and fix the mess you made. You’ll feel better and probably even a little relieved to get that off your back. What better way to see a turn-around?

2. Count your blessings.

When you start to have a downer kind of day, think about what’s going right in your world. Remember, your job is your job. It isn’t your life. Think about what’s important to you and count your blessings, one-by-one.

3. Choose your attitude.

Be above the gossip and negativity. Think about what people are doing right and talk about that behind their backs!

Your attitude is yours to choose. Choose a good one and watch your day improve.

What are your favorite strategies for turning a bad day around? Please leave a comment and share them here!


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