Babysitting Azzy: A Day in the Life of Nana

Babysitting Azzy

This summer I joined a new and wonderful season of my life when we welcomed our first grandchild, Azriel, “Azzy”.  He was born on to amazing parents and an extended family and friends that love him to pieces.

As our daughter heads back to work, our sweet Azzy is just 3 months old. It’s a tough transition for a new mama, but with the support of my work, my husband’s retirement, and a flexible work schedule for his dad, Azzy will be cared for by family members for the first year of his life.

I’ve raised two children and have a few skills in this area, so I thought I was ready for this grandma gig.  How quickly we forget how exhausting taking care of one small baby is!

My Azzy day is Friday.  On my my first solo day I learned several things.

1) Azriel runs the show.

My daughter told me he does best if he is swaddled or naps on you.  I couldn’t really figure out the swaddle velcro thing so I just put him in his bed. I was quite pleased with myself that he was sleeping in his bed and got busy doing the laundry.  Twenty minutes later, Azriel woke himself up.  I couldn’t get him back to sleep. That was, until I let him sleep on me.

2) Things will not go as planned.

After he re-awoke, he was hungry.  Really hungry. While we both waited anxiously for his bottle to warm, I heard water running.  I strolled down the hallway with my unhappy baby and found the sink next to the washer overflowing into the garage.  I rushed to move tools off the floor and opened the overhead garage door.  My dog, Penny, made a run for it down the street to chase the neighbor’s cat.  As, I went running after her, still with baby in tow, the neighbor saw me and asked if he could help.  All I could think to say was “this didn’t happen.”

3. Bouncing is Good.

After we downed the bottle, Azzy started his descent back in to sleep.  I learned the bigger the bounce, the faster the fall.

4. Playtime is as fun for Grammy as it is for Azzy.

So far we love the necklace game (featured in photo above), stroller rides, peek-a-boo and some serious hand exploration.

5. There is a schedule. And, we have a goal.

It’s called “sleep, play, eat.”  Not necessarily in that order and for no specified time.  The sole goal of the day was to make sure he was either sound asleep or awake and exceedingly happy when mama came home. And in that we succeeded.

We survived week one and now, in week two, I feel like a pro.  We have a system.  It is basically to refer to #1 above: Azzy runs the show.  And, that works for me.


Betty Lochner Gramma


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