Be delighted – experience The Honey In Your Heart

by Mary Anne Radmacher on September 19, 2012

Home late from five days at a trade show. Days without sun and with forced air.  Nights on a pull out sofa, with the metal bar in my back.  You know the drill.  I was premiering numbers of new lines, new work, new job emphasis. I spoke to hundreds of people from all over the country.  Weary? Ye, but no rest for the weary as far as my dogs or clients know.  A wake up call from the east coast came two hours earlier than the alarm was set.  Then the big black dog was nosing in my face: “It’s hot in here and I have to have my morning yard time…let me out.”  That fabulous big black dog who just last week  wrapped his 88.5 pounds around me like a fur stole last when my ankle stepped in a hole and I was laid out on the ground. THAT dog breathing in my hot-not-yet-awake-and-oh-so-tired face.

See and savor the simple good things in your life.

Here’s a wonderful chance to practice.  Practice seeing the joys.  Door open. WATER on for coffee and the search on for shoes. Half awake I managed his walking collar and got out the garage door.  The early morning smells woke up the other half of me.  I laughingly quoted to myself, “You can get a lot of sleep when you’re dead,  Mary Anne.”  I heard the baby birds.  Their mom and dad have already been out foraging and maybe they didn’t want to get up either.  Everything’s the story we say it is.

I smelled the grass.  I saw the flowers waking up.  I listened to the sound of my Big Black Dog’s feet on the ground.  “Heel~ good dog!”  He IS a good dog.  I have wonder and awe that I get a whole pack of dogs and a sweet man who cares for them all, all by himself, when I am having to travel so much.  I am delighted that I get to get up early and walk Woodrow before I climb in the car again and head off my island home.  I GET to…  gEt to.   What a difference an “e” makes between “get to,” and “got to.”

Be delighted.  There’s wonder and awe and honey everywhere for a heart that is willing to WAKE UP and see.


About the guest author

Mary Anne Radmacher is a writer and artist who has touched the hearts of many with her popular cards, books, posters, journals, and gift books. She conducts workshops and writing seminars on living a full, creative, and balanced life. She is the author of Lean Forward into Your Life and Live Boldly. She lives with her husband near Seattle, Washington.




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