Breaking down silos one cup at a time

by Betty Lochner on August 23, 2012

Build relationships on your coffee break

When was the last time you used your coffee break at work to connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while, or to simply say “thanks” to a friend or colleague?

We all know all about “silos” – those divisions or groups that keep to themselves and rarely share information.

 So what can you do to encourage the sharing of ideas and information with people you know?
Here are three ways you can help to break down those communication silos:
  • 1) Give away your knowledge. Share something you know that would be of value to someone else. That’s how you build trust and rapport.
  • 2) Build relationships. Connect to improve your relationships. It will help create a positive environment where open communication is the norm, not the exception.
  • 3) Share your time. Informal meetings are a great way to connect and build relationships. Take the time to ask someone to go to coffee with you, or make a fresh pot and take a minute to sit down together and just take a break.

By being an approachable and open communicator, you’ll not only improve your relationships, but you’ll see other benefits as well — you’ll foster a fresh exchange of ideas, encourage open communication, and enrich your work experience.

Coffee, anyone?

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