Build Your Appreciation Muscle

by Betty Lochner on March 7, 2014

appreciationTIP #11: Build your appreciation muscle

You shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ unless you really mean it. Then you should say it a lot. People forget that. ~ Jessica, Age 8

Appreciation ~ the act of noticing and recognizing the people around you in a positive way.

Everyone has a real need to feel appreciated and valued. Showing genuine appreciation is one of the most powerful communication tools you can develop. It will open doors to a better conversation, a more positive exchange, and ultimately a better relationship.
Even though we know the power of appreciation, sometimes we just don’t get around to doing it on a regular basis.
Appreciation is like a muscle. You need to use it to make it stronger.

This week:
Go out of your way, at least once each day this week, to appreciate someone. Give a compliment or tell someone they are doing a good job. Be specific, look them in the eyes and tell them what you appreciate about them.
Write in your notebook about how it felt to actively appreciate daily. Was it hard or uncomfortable? If so, you need to exercise the muscle of appreciation more and make it a daily habit.

This blog was adapted from 52 Communication Tips,  a great tool for weekly staff meetings or family dinners to begin to improve your communications skills, one tip at a time.



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