Listening Skills

Three Tips to Prevent Communication Conflicts

Prevent holiday conflict

The holiday season can bring out the best in people. It can also bring out the worst. Families and close friends can get into communication cycle routines. Some share their unwanted opinions on politics or religion. Others may have other bad communication habits that seem to come out in the stress and excitement of the season. To be prepared for potential communication conflict, here are a few tips.

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Sorry, I wasn’t listening: 5 ways to model better listening skills


I have a confession to make when it comes to modeling good listening skills.  I’m an interrupter. When I already know what someone is trying to say, or finish saying, isn’t it way more efficient to just cut right in so we can move on? I know I shouldn’t do it.  I know it’s rude.  It drives me crazy when other people do it, so why do I?   And, I know it drives others crazy as well.  My husband and I spend way too much time re-creating conversations that only got half heard due to distractions, interruptions or one

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