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I am a communication, human resources, and business coach.  My expertise lies in helping people understand communication behavior and styles and how to build better communication and leadership skills to improve relationships, morale, and increase productivity. 

Individual and small group coaching is usually focused on a specific topic or area of skill building.  An initial assessment is made to identify issues and develop strategies and goals.  Here are a few examples of when coaching works well:

  • You are struggling with your boss or co-workers and want to work through communication issues.
  • You are a manager that has a difficult subordinate and want to work through performance issues with them.
  • You need to fire someone and need help with the process and legalities.
  • You need help preparing to have a hard conversation with someone.
  • Your team doesn’t get along well, or there seems to be one or two people that are counter-productive to the group.
  • You have poor morale at work and you can’t figure out why.
  • You want to improve communication in your relationships.
  • You want to become an even better team leader, manager, or mentor.

How it works

We begin with an initial strategy session that includes identifying your strengths, and developing personal and professional goals. The results include an action plan that we work through and follow-up on together. Your individual plan will  include result-oriented tools to improve your day-to-day relationships at work and at home (can’t do one without the other)!  When coaching a group of 2 or more, the goals are developed and agreed upon together. Some of the areas that coaching can include:

  • Identify communication challenges.
  • Learn communication tools to improve your day-to-day relationships.
  • Build skills and practice having hard conversations.
  • Learn performance coaching skills to bring out the best in others (and improve overall performance!)
  • Explore your communication and leadership style and strengths.
  • Learn business and leadership skills to increase employee engagement.
  • Set personal and professional goals, and stay motivated to meet them.


For a free 15 minute coaching assessment, please contact me directly.

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