The Equinox: for me, a day of gratitude

by Betty Lochner on March 21, 2011

Today my mom would be 84.

I always loved that she was born on the March equinox – at the start of spring.  It’s the signal that it’s okay to go out and start cleaning up the yard, pruning the bushes, planning the garden, and staying outside in the the daylight after 5 pm.

I used to not even know what the March equinox was.  So, in case you are wondering — the March equinox is the movement when the sun crosses the true celestial equator – or the line in the sky above the earth’s equator – from south to north. It happens around March 20 or March 21 of each year. At that time, day and night are balanced to nearly 12 hours each all over the world and the earth’s axis of rotation is perpendicular to the line connecting the centers of the earth and the sun.

Do you feel smarter now?

I loved my mom (I still do) and we were very close. And, although I know my mom knew how much I loved her, I didn’t say it often enough. The one thing I regret is not letting her know, every time I saw her, how much I loved her.  Since she  died 5 years ago, I have started ending every phone conversation and every good-bye with a genuine “I love you” – to my kids, my dear friends, my dad, my husband.

I never want to feel like I didn’t say that enough.  So, think today about who you appreciate in your life and tell them. Honor the ones you love by communicating that to them often.

Happy birthday, mom.  I love you.


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