Girlfriend Appreciation: A Lifetime of Relationships

by Betty Lochner on July 21, 2014

MOB SurpriseIt’s been a while since I’ve posted  – time flies when you are totally engulfed in life.  It’s time to catch  up on  the blog posts I started but didn’t finish up.  This one is about the ultimate gift of appreciation and my gratitude for my girlfriends.

I am not one that can be easily surprised. I like to think it’s my astute awareness of things around me and my natural curiosity, though my husband would say that’s just a nice way of saying I’m nosy. But, this time I was truly surprised. Ten of my best friends threw a surprise Mother of the Bride party for me at one of my favorite restaurants.

It came just after a very long day of moving my niece and dealing with issues around my sister, who has been in hospice for about 2 months now. So, I was tired and a little “off my game” in the astute awareness department. My husband had an incredible back story going about a BBQ for orchestra members at our house. He even had me cleaning toilets to get ready.

One of my friends called and said she really needed to talk about wedding stuff (her daughter is getting married soon too). It was quite plausible, and as girlfriends do, I made time to meet with her.  I felt bad telling my husband I would miss the BBQ, though was actually quite relieved I had a good excuse to miss it.  I made up for my disappearance by making cookies and cleaning the house to get ready. He made huge quantities of food, and was getting it prepared when Georganne picked me up. We were jabbering away as we entered the restaurant. She suggested we sit upstairs where it’s quieter. As I got to the top of the stairs, I looked up and saw familiar faces. Really familiar faces. And a lot of them.

Surprise! Or maybe a better word is stunned.  I was confused and had trouble putting together why there were so many friends in the same place at the same time.

It was a very fun evening. I got sweet gifts and was blessed with their love and friendship. After dinner several came back to my house and voted on which (out of 5) mother of the bride dresses I should wear to Kalli’s wedding.

I am so very blessed by my girlfriends.  These are the ones that I have called over the years and, in a moment’s notice and without hesitation, they picked up a sick kid,  baked a cake, threw a shower, listened while I cried, walk with me when I was feeling fat,  picked me up from the airport, watched my unruly dogs, house sat, listened to me when I was stressed, held me when I was sad, and even took time off to spend hours helping me pull off a DYI wedding!

It was truly a special surprise thrown by special friends,  I’m so impressed that they pulled it off.   Yes, I am so grateful for my girlfriends – some of the best blessings I have in my life.


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