How to Be a Better Boss: 5 Communication Strategies

by Betty Lochner on January 7, 2013


Aseessing Communication Skills Lessons from Dilbert: Be a Better Boss!

We all know that the best communicators often make the best leaders.  But what are we doing to make sure we are working on being a better communicator? Here are 5 strategies that will move your toward being the best boss you can be.

  1. Communicate the big picture.  People need to know their work has value. Make sure your  team knows that what they are doing fits into the big picture and overarching mission.  Even if it seems like a small task – everyone in your organization is vital to its success. Make sure they know that.
  2. Give away your power.  Knowledge is power, so make sure you are communicating all you can up, down and sideways – to your team, your boss, and your colleagues.   Don’t wait – share what you know, when you know it.  People much prefer to know what’s going on, even if it’s bad news, then hear about it second hand, or after you have all the details.  By doing this, you will gain trust and credibility – both critical to good communication.
  3. Get some feedback. Ask for open and honest feedback from your team and then listen to it! Use a simple survey, like Monkey Survey,  to find out what you are doing well and what you could do better.  Allow for anonymity. You’ll find you may have had some blinders on in some areas.  Take the feedback to heart and make some changes.
  4. Resolve Conflict.  Deal with issues sooner rather than later, and have the courage to have hard conversations when they are necessary.  Don’t be passive aggressive (the most common method used for conflict resolution), but be assertive in a kind and respectful way.
  5. Encourage Teamwork: You’ll get more from your team if you encourage them to work together rather than individually. A solid team shares ideas and lends a hand when needed. Have participatory staff meetings, celebrations, friendly competitions, and encourage diverse team -rather than individual – projects. And, include everyone – not just your superstars.
If you work on including these strategies in your daily work with your work group, you’ll make some big steps towards being a better boss in 2013.
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