Lisa’s Nest: A Story of Limitless Love

by Betty Lochner on July 21, 2017


This month marks the 6th year I have walked in Seattle’s SummeRun.

My sister-in-law, Lisa, lost her battle with Ovarian cancer 5 years ago.  Our team, Limitless Love for Lisa, walks in her honor with family members and friends, to raise funds to benefit the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. Our goal is to end this horrible disease.

This year our team was a small, but mighty group.  Since some of us only connect annually at this event,  I always look forward to talking and walking with them. This year I walked most of the 3 miles with one of Lisa’s best friends. We had a delightful visit catching up and sharing stories and memories of Lisa. One of the stories we remembered together was about Lisa’s nest.

Lisa's Bird Nest

Lisa loved nature and wildlife. She and my brother, Bob, worked to make their property a natural habitat for birds and other critters. When her long, beautiful hair started falling out after cancer treatments, she would stand on their deck and comb it out.

After she died, several friends were helping Bob clean out the yard to get ready for a gathering. They found the bird nest pictured here, with Lisa’s hair woven throughout.

Lisa’s nest now has a place on the fireplace mantel and is a reminder for all of us – of the circle of life, and of the inspiration she left us by living her life to the fullest.

Lisa fiercely loved her family, the kids she taught and her circle of friends. She loved well and was well loved.

Her love was limitless and inspiring.

We miss you, Lisa.



Bob and BettyBetty Lochner is the President and Owner of Cornerstone Coaching & Training. She is an award winning public servant, human resources professional, an author, and national speaker.  To find out more about Cornerstone’s services and offerings visit her website.


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