Mommy Camp: Relationships Enduring the Test of Time

by Betty Lochner on August 24, 2015

Friends at the Beach

This weekend, two girlfriends and I headed to the beach. Some would think it a typcial girl get-away. But this trip was far from that. This trip marked nineteen years of the three of us heading off to “Mommy Camp” together. It started when our children went to church camp together and it made more sense to stay over for the weekend then drive back and forth.  Our girls stopped going to camp about 7 years ago. But, Mommy Camp continues.

The picture here shows Georganne, Karen and me at Pacific Beach in Oregon.  We have a picture from each year, and we usually end up with a bargain shopping item that we carry from year to year.  The coat I’m wearing in this picture was purchased on our very first trip.  We all have one.

In addition to beach hiking and shopping, there are many things that are special about spending a long weekend together with two of your best friends. One of the most significant being that we have never missed a year. Even though life has altered our planning and who could stay the entire weekend  (this year I had to cut my trip a day short), we always make it there together.

We have a few unwritten rules we abide by. (We have a few written rules as well, which you can read about in an earlier post).

First, we give each other grace. We don’t guilt each other or judge each other. Some years we are fatter, or healthier, or happier than others. It doesn’t matter. We just have fun and support and encourage each other.

Second, we give equal air time.  We all have our opportunity to give as long as an update on our life as we want and ask/offer advice.

Third, we do life together.  These ladies have helped me with all the important stuff in my life including my daughter’s wedding and my sister’s funeral.  Last year, I was in Orlando on a business trip and visited Georganne’s daughter when she got some scary health news on the same day that Georganne was back here sitting in for me while my daughter was having  a pre-wedding hair crisis.  It was perfectly appropriate for both of us.

Mommy Camp reminds me of what’s going right in my world.  And for that, I am so very blessed.


2015-08-21 16.10.25Betty Lochner is a communication specialist, author, and professional speaker who teaches individuals and organizations how to make small changes that make huge differences in their relationships at work and home – improving morale, confidence and productivity. She is the author of Dancing with Strangers: Communication skills for transforming your life at work and at home and 52 Communication Tips. Both are also available on


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