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by Betty Lochner on December 28, 2015

Seattle-6598This is my lazy period between Christmas and New Year. Time to review 2015 – the highs, lows, what I did really well and what I can do better next year. I like to look at my previous years posts, and see what spoke to people.  It’s a fun retrospective and helps me set some goals for the new year.  It was interesting to see what my readers read, liked and shared most.  So, if you missed them, here they are – my most read posts of 2015:

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1. How to Have the Best Staff Meeting Ever – When boring just won’t work anymore.

2. Making Authentic Communication Real – Do you know yourself?

3. Through My Sister’s Eyes – Embracing the unexpected.

4. Fearless Presentations – 5 Things that Make a Big Difference.

5. Is Your Communication Good Enough?  Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it right, we don’t do it at all.

And, just for fun, here are my top 5 posts of all time – all logging in over 1,000 views to date.

1. How to Improve Your Listening Skills: 5 Strategies – May 2015

2. 10 Easy Appreciation Exercises That will Change Your Life – April 2013

3. 5 Ways to Improve Your Work Relationships – October 2012

4. 10 Ways to Be More Positive – November 2010

5. Controlling the Conversation – May 2011

This year I’ll be working on finishing my third book – it’s all about employee engagement and changing work cultures.  I’m looking forward to blogging on that this year.  If you want to get all my posts in the new year, you can sign up for email delivering here:

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