Cornerstone specializes in teaching individuals Betty Lochner panel of expertsand organizations how to make small changes in how they communicate that make huge differences in their relationships at work and home – improving morale, confidence and productivity.

The following  are some of the topics that can be presented as workshops from a few hours to a full day or more.  All training is designed and tailored to fit the needs of your group. To talk with me about your training needs, please connect with me!


Spokane Communication and Wellness

Creating a Coaching Culture

Learn results-oriented tools to help create a work culture that will improve communication, enhance relationships and result in better performance. Highly transferable to immediate use at work and at home.

Communication Skills for Success

You will learn simple ways to overcome communication challenges, work more cohesively and gain new skills you can take back to your team at work or at home that will build strong connections, relationships and results!  Agenda includes: Creating a Coaching Culture, Interacting with Different Styles, Mastering Workplace Conversations, and The Power of Appreciation.

 Team-Building ToolsTeam-building Skills for Supervisors and Leaders

If you are responsible for getting results from others as a supervisor or team leader, this training will teach you how to coach your team to be more cohesive and get the results you want.  Topics include better team meeting management, setting expectations, motivation and team evaluation.

Generations at Work: Collision, Confusion or Collaboration?

Never before has the work place been so age diverse.  In this workshop you will discover how to better relate to and motivate all groups by understanding their perspectives, values, and distinctive work ethics; and,  gain hands on skills to improve communicate across all generational and management levels.

Handling Hard Conversations Well

Learn practical tools and scripts that will help you handle conflict situations and have hard conversations work and at home.

The Power of Appreciation

Research confirms that when we use appreciation regularly, good things happen! This workshop will explore the transformative value of using appreciation and gratitude to improve your relationships and your health. You’ll learn some easy techniques, tips, and tools that will forever change how you communicate with all of the people in your life.





Authentic Leadership

This training includes a series of exercises and discussions that will enable you to go deeper into your life story, discover your passions, and how to create your own Personal Leadership Development Plan. The training is centered on several key areas:

  • Knowing your authentic self
  • Defining your values and leadership principles
  • Understanding your motivations
  • Building your support team

Supervision Skills for Success

All the essential training for the new supervisor and a refresher course for experienced supervisors.  This 1-3 day course covers roles and responsibilities, core competencies, federal and state HR laws, hiring, retention strategies, performance coaching, handling disciplinary action and more.  Training is tailored for your group.

More than a Workplace

Leadership is about building people and helping them succeed. Learn how to facilitate a culture shift to better engage your employees and build a workplace culture that is more productive, fun, and attracts and retains quality employees.


  • Prioritizing to Get Things Done
  • Lean Process Improvement
  • Win-Win Conflict Management
  • Communication Skills for Success: Tips and Tools
  • Building Successful Teams
  • Mastering Change
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Mission, Vision, Goals
  • The Power of Appreciation
  • Developing a Personal Mission Statement


  • Creating and Sustaining a Positive Workplace Culture
  • Celebrate What’s Right with the World
  • Tackling Morale Before it Tackles You
  • Culture Shift: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change
  • Building Better Work Relationships



Participant Feedback

I really enjoyed the workshop! The information was great and it was presented well – loved all the humor and it was definitely engaging. You did a wonderful job and I learned a lot. It was one of the best trainings I have ever been to. ~ Rashel Wise, Performance Coaching Workshop Participant

We tell our staff, “You need Betty’s training!”~ Washington Employment Security Department

Betty’s knowledge on the subject was evident from the moment we started planning. She is an expert on inter-office relationships. She shared the best ways to communicate across generations in the work place. I would hire Betty again, not only for a Webinar, but for a session at a face-to-face meeting as well. ~ National Council of State Legislatures

This was the best communication class ever! I had a great time and learned all types of skills to help us through life. This is the second workshop I’ve taken from you. Can’t wait for more! ~Health Care Consultant

Betty’s expertise and passion with helping people to improve their communication skills and quality of life is evident within moments of meeting her. Her friendly and respectful manner, along with her fun and genuine approach are disarming and made it very easy to engage and learn. Her exercises were simple, yet very effective to illustrate her lessons. Her advice is also practical, do-able, and it makes sense. Betty is truly a gifted teacher.  ~ Communication Skills Workshop

With the “Celebrating What’s Right with the World” presentation, Betty helped us look for the possibilities in life and she will challenge you to appreciate the things in your path.  It was a powerful reminder that change starts with you. ~ Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals

What a fun instructor! ~ Providence Hospital

Betty is a leader with integrity, professionalism, patience, honesty and humor. Every aspect of our interactions have been clothed with learning opportunities and I’ve emerged a better leader and manager because of her guidance and trust. ~ Washington Student Achievement Council

I found the workshop to give both theory and practical applications that would be ideal in any communication situation.  This was enlightening even for someone who has been in the workforce for over 20 years.  Thank you! ~ Pierce College

Thank you for introducing me to Performance Coaching.  I use the tools everyday, and I’m pretty sure it helped me get my new job!  ~   Washington State Labor and Industries

Thank you for the wonderful workshop yesterday.  You are an excellent presenter and I enjoyed your stories and humor. ~ Pierce College

What a great workshop –  I learned so much! You are a great advocate & teacher of communication skills & interpersonal relationships. ~ Kitsap Schools Transportation District

I recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to improve their working relationships. ~ North Thurston School District

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