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      Simple Steps to Effective Communication


This course begins September 20


When you join the course, you will be emailed each step for 4 days. 

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No matter what type of work you do in your “day job” or at home,
being able to communicate well is in every job description.


  • Do you want to work better with your boss, co-workers, and clients?
  • Do you have someone you just don’t get along with?
  • Do you wish you could get your ideas across better?
  • Do you want to be more productive and get better results at work or home?
  • Do you have a relationship at home that could use a tune-up?
  • Do you want to gain confidence and become a better skilled communicator?

If  you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then this course is for you.  It’s all about teaching you how to overcome communication challenges and equip you with new skills that will make you more effective in the workplace.

And, while good communication skills are the cornerstone of every successful job, promotion, raise, and opportunity out there, it is also what makes our relationships at home work. You’ll learn communication skills that are immediately transferable to your relationships at home as well.

In Simple Steps for Effective Communication, you’ll gain many useful “how-to’s,” and take part in exercises designed to build your communication skills tool box. You’ll learn some small changes you can make that will have a huge impact on understanding, and being understood.

The course begins September 20.  


When you join the course, you will be emailed each step for 4 days. 

Enroll NOW!

Here are the details:

What? – Simple Steps for Effective Communication is a four step Online Communication Skills Course that is modeled after a Live communication skills workshop. It includes material equivalent to a full, jam packed 1 day workshop. The material is broken into four steps:


Step 1: Results Oriented Communication 

Step 2: Communication Strengths: Embracing Differences

Step 3: Listen Up: Using active listening skills 

Step 4: Straight Talk: How and when to have difficult conversations


Who? – Betty Lochner, your instructor and coach. Betty has specialized in teaching effective communication to work groups and individuals for over 25 years. Read more about Betty here.

Why? – To learn simple steps that will improve your effective communication skills at your own pace and from where you want to be located. You don’t have to travel or carve out a whole day for a class.

When? – You’ll receive an email every day with a new Step, for 4 days.  You can work at your own pace.

How? – Beginning September 20th, or as soon as you register after that date, you will receive an email with Step 1.  Each Step includes several activities including recorded Webinars, videos, articles, and exercises. You’ll also have access to a discussion forum where you can ask and answer questions, and make connections with other course participants.  If you were to complete all of the activities in a step in one sitting, it would take between 1 and 2 hours (total contact/course time is approximately 6-8 hours).

You will receive a new step every day for 4 days.

The course is self-paced.  You can return to a previous step at any time.

Where? – All online and from the comfort of your home or office.

How much? –  Enroll for just $47.

Course Facts 

  • Receive a Certificate of Course Completion documenting the course content and hours to put in your personnel file.
  • Connect with your instructor and other students through a discussion forum.
  • It’s easy to use and fun.  You can see your progress and work at your own pace.
  • You do not need to be online at a specific date or time.
  • Affordable! Pay one time for the course and finish at your own pace.
  • IF you have questions, you can email me: Betty Lochner.


Who should enroll:

  • People at all levels of an organization who seek to improve their working relationships, productivity, and communicate more effectively and for better results.
  • Anyone, in any relationship, who wants to improve their communication by learning small changes that will make a huge difference.


The course focuses on learning and practicing some new skills, and dusting off some old ones.  Here’s is just some of what the course will cover:

  • Assess your communication skills and style
  • Identify your communication strengths and stretches
  • Understand your body language and how others perceive you
  • Improve interpersonal skills through micro-connects
  • Learn to communicate through differences: generational, age, gender & cultural
  • Use active listening skills
  • Communicate for better understanding
  • Become a more confident and assertive communicator

What People Are Saying:

I just completed the course. The content was just what I needed to discover the areas I needed to work on, taking small steps to improving my day-to-day communication skills. The format of the online course worked. I enjoyed going at my own pace. I didn’t know what to expect from an online course. I’m typically a classroom (in-person) learner or a self-learner (read the book & do the activity). I enjoyed the combination of video, webinar, exercises and  and links. ~ J Ferrado

I have taken Betty’s live communication skills course and found the online course to be very similar. You’ll catch her enthusiasm and humor throughout. There are so many great tips and skills introduced,  it was a great refresher. I highly recommend this online course whether you have or haven’t taken the live course. ~ R Nichols

Enrollment Details:


  • This is a  four step Online Course. Beginning Sept. 20, you will be emailed a new step every day, for 4 days.  Each step will take between 1-2 hours to complete.  
  • You work at your own pace. You can return to any previous step at any time.

When you enroll you receive:

  • The first step is emailed to you on September 20 (or as soon as you enroll, if you enroll after the 20th).  You have until Sept 24 to start the course.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some small changes you can and immediately apply to improve your communication at work and at home.
To pay by invoice, email me!

Join this course now for just $47

  • Simple Steps for Effective Communication  is a single payment online course.  Payments are accepted through PayPal (though you don’t have to have a PayPal account to sign up), or via invoice.
  • You will receive four course steps, delivered every day, equal to the content included in a full-day, jam packed live workshop.
  • Full, money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with the content and delivery of this course.

After registering for Simple Steps for Effective Communication, your account will be instantly activated and you will have access to the first step of the course!

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