52 Communication Tips: Weekly lessons for improving your relationship at work and home

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This book is filled with weekly communication tips, quotes, and advice that you can ponder and practice.

Communication skills book, 52 Communication TipsYou are encouraged to set a few minutes aside at the beginning of your week to read and implement the communication tip of the week. If you commit to this weekly routine for a year, you will see remarkable differences in your relationships. It’s a great tool for staff meetings and team building.

Dancing with Strangers: Communication skills for transforming your life at work and home

Communication skills book, Dancing with StrangersIn this book, you’ll learn how little changes in the way you communicate can make a big difference.

You’ll find practical tips to:

  • ~ Improve your interpersonal communication skills,
  • ~ Help you live and work with people from different generations and communication styles,
  • ~ Help you learn about the power of appreciation in building relationships.

Dancing with Strangers - communication skills



One of my favorite ways to show appreciation is by surprising people with home made treats.  It’s a great connector.

This book is a compilation of my family’s favorite recipes passed down from my mom – an amazing cook and connector.  It’s a great collection of tried and true, easy to make recipes that I share often.  I hope you love Gladies’ Gift as much as I loved putting it together for you.

52 Communication Tips