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by Betty Lochner on February 28, 2012

Betty Lochner, Communication Skills Trainer Betty Lochner, Course Instructor and Coach

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to take the content of my live workshops on interpersonal communication and put them into an online course.  It’s been a while in the making, but I did it!

I’m pretty excited about being able to offer my communication skills workshop to anyone and at a low cost!  My live workshops are popular, but they are, well, LIVE.  That means they cost more to deliver and let’s face it – I can’t get to every where I’d like to!

If  you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then you may want to check out this course.  It’s all about teaching you how to overcome communication challenges and equip you with new skills that will make you more effective in the workplace and at home.

  • Do you want to work better with your boss, co-workers, and clients?
  • Do you have someone you just don’t get along with?
  • Do you wish you could get your ideas across better?
  • Do you want to be more productive and get better results at work or home?
  • Do you have a relationship at home that could use a tune-up?
  • Do you want to gain confidence and become a better skilled communicator?
In this course, you’ll learn many useful “how-to’s,” and take part in exercises designed to build your communication skills tool box. You’ll learn some small changes you can make that will have a huge impact on understanding, and being understood.  It’s easy and fun — all the steps and activities are emailed to you and you work at your own pace.

The course is delivered in four steps:

Step 1: Results Oriented Communication 

Step 2: Communication Strengths: Embracing Differences

Step 3: Listen Up: Using active listening skills 

Step 4: Straight Talk: Say it with clarity and tact

Each step has several activities and is delivered to you via email.  It’s easy and you can take the course from anywhere — your home, office, or even a coffee shop!

To learn more about when this next course will be offered, please email me!

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