The Value of a Good Solve Session

Solve Session

Have you ever come home and vented to a friend or partner about work?  Or your dead-end career? Or something your boss said or did?

Did you have all the information and perspectives you could use?  Did you gain new skills or understanding?

One of the best ways to help people is to have others with similar interests and issues solve them together. A Solve Session isn’t a coaching session. It’s more of an opportunity to solve a real life problem you are having. It’s about learning and gaining understanding through hearing how others respond and interpret. And it’s about teaching practical tools to work through your specific issue. This process allows learning from each other!

How it Works

I usually structure Solve Sessions as an online webinar (but I have done some in-person groups too). I gather the 2-3 topics from participants that we’ll discuss. You get quick and specific feedback on your situation and what your next steps might be.

Solve Sessions are a short-term, quick results opportunity. Sometimes a group stays together for a few weeks, but often it’s a one time laser focused session. In short, we form a group to work together to help each other solve our career, communication and human resource challenges in a confidential informal setting. 

As the facilitator I offer provide specific coaching and training on the topics you choose, and any follow-up coaching needed.

Solve Sessions are an inexpensive way to get quick results and gain new skills. The cost is $37 per session. You pay as you go and sign up for one session at a time.


Career Coaching – Establish your professional goals, make career decisions, develop a professional development action plan.

Communication Issues – Identify and work through specific communication challenges. This can include finding the issue’s root cause, gaining self awareness, developing a plan, conversation scripts, and having hard conversations.

HR Issues – Gain skills in basic to challenging human resource issues. This can include, hiring, onboarding, retention, setting expectations, job descriptions, evaluations, discipline, setting policies, and legal questions.

If you are interested in participating in a Solve Session, or want to learn more contact me! 


Betty Lochner is the Owner of Cornerstone Coaching & Training. She specializes in improving interpersonal communication skills, building and leading teams, training supervisors, career coaching, solving human resources issues, and working with different communication styles and generations.

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