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The Value of a Good Solve Session

Solve Session

Over the years, as I've coached people through their issues and development, I've learned that one of the best ways to move forward is to have others with similar interests and issues talk through them together. I coined the name Solve Session because it's not really a coaching session, it's more of an opportunity to solve a real life problem you are having.

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Workshop Descriptions

Cornerstone logo workshop descriptions

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS  The following are Cornerstone’s signature workshops for developing better communication and leadership skills. Each workshop is tailored specifically to meet the need of your group.   CREATING A COACHING CULTURE Learn results-oriented tools to help create a work culture that will improve communication, enhance relationships, and result in better performance. Highly transferable to immediate use at work and at home. Best results are when your entire work group attends together. COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Practical communication tools to help you navigate through daily communication challenges. Explore communication and behavior styles, and how to best connect with others. Designed

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