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Train Your Brain: It’s All in a Name

Betty Lochner networking

This week I watched as a colleague painfully tried to avoid someone because they couldn’t remember their name. Then, she beat herself up over not remembering their name.  And, the worse part was that she didn’t get to connect with someone who she wanted to connect with. Has that ever happened to you?  Do you suffer from the bad name rememberer syndrome?  You are not alone. Most of us find that when we meet someone we quickly forget their name. Sometimes instantly. The power of knowing a name and using it is huge. Names are what makes a relationship personal.  It says:

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Meet Betty

Meet Betty Lochner

 Meet Betty My inspiration for building better communicators came from my own experience taking over an organization where employees were skeptical of change in leadership, yet weren’t working as a team with each other either. Now, the culture has shifted and the program has a highly functioning and productive team. But it didn’t happen overnight. I spent time every day for several years to gain the knowledge and certifications to help my staff improve professionally as a team. I started to see changes in the first few weeks. I applied what I’d learned along the way by providing professional development

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