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How to Become a Better communicator: My Top 5 Tips

Communicate Better

Most of us spend a lot of time noticing what others could do better, when what we really need to do is take a closer look at ourselves. If you want to have better relationships and more success at work, then it's time to work on you. Is it time to work on your communication skills? Start here - with my top 5 tips for improving your communication, starting today.

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Training and Development

Cornerstone Coaching and Training

Betty is a an engaging speaker, who was able to connect with everyone attending our leadership conference. We received wonderful feedback about her presentation and subsequently invited her to speak at multiple events and conferences. Following the conference, attendees continued to tell us how effective her communications strategies were when implemented at work and in their daily lives. Whether you are looking for a trainer focused on communication or an energetic keynote, I wholeheartedly recommend Betty. ~  Genevieve O’Sullivan, former chair,  Interagency Committee for State Employed Women (ICSEW) On-Site Training and Professional Development Training, development, and education are vital to an individual’s

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Human Resources Consulting

Cornerstone Coaching and Training

Get Human Resources Help When you Need It Are you a small business owner with a few employees, an entrepreneur, or individual wanting some help on specific human resource, business, or communication Issues? If you need  to navigate HR issues but your business isn’t big enough to have an HR person on staff, Cornerstone can help with: your own career development help with improving performance with staff how to handle difficult conversations help with learning performance boosting techniques how to build a work culture of engagement and productivity how to better facilitate meetings with staff how to become a better

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Meet Betty

Meet Betty Lochner

 Meet Betty My inspiration for building better communicators came from my own experience taking over an organization where employees were skeptical of change in leadership, yet weren’t working as a team with each other either. Now, the culture has shifted and the program has a highly functioning and productive team. But it didn’t happen overnight. I spent time every day for several years to gain the knowledge and certifications to help my staff improve professionally as a team. I started to see changes in the first few weeks. I applied what I’d learned along the way by providing professional development

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