Ten Things I Like About You

by Mary Anne Radmacher on November 9, 2011


I am thrilled to have a guest post this week by one of my favorite author & artists, Mary Anne Radmacher. Her latest book is Us! Celebrating the Power of Friendship. I just got my copy in the mail and it is a beautifully written and illustrated book celebrating the gift of friendship.

Our culture celebrates the wry, witty comment, the sarcastic and well timed comeback.  People make a practice of saying precisely opposite of what they really mean…as a comfortable way of communicating affection and appreciation.  What if – you made a straightforward, no-sarcasm-allowed list of the ten things you like about your friend?

I wrote such a list for a relatively new friend of mine.  When I shared it with her, she cried.  When she was done she looked up at me and said, “It’s so awesome to feel loved and appreciate in such a tangible way.”  Yep.  That’s true. 

Try it.

Here’s what I wrote for my wild child, red headed friend:

Ten Things I Like About You –

1)      Your ready laughter.

2)      You say, “Thank you,” when you are complimented.

3)      You have great ideas and willingly share them.

4)      You are nurturing in your relationships.

5)      You are willing to try new things.

6)      You are generous.

7)      You share your friends with me.

8)      You are ever ready for an adventure.

9)      You are kind, even to strangers.

10)    You have wild, unrelenting creativity.

These are just ten things. I could think of a bazillion more but I have to fix dinner.  So – just ten things!

What would YOUR list for a friend look like? Try it.


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