Three strategies for having more time!

by Betty Lochner on December 6, 2010

Don’t you wish you had more time in the day? Especially this time of the year, when “to do” lists double and the hours in the day don’t.

Not only do we need more time to get some routine stuff done, but we also don’t seem to have enough time for the things that are most important to us – like our family, friends, service, and rest. One of the most common reasons relationships get into trouble is that we aren’t taking the time to listen and to be understood. We just don’t have time.

Really? Have we lost control of how we spend our time? For many of us, (you know who you are), I guess maybe we have.

It’s Your Choice

Though we may want to lay the blame on someone else, our job, our boss, our kids, our responsibilities – how we decide to spend our time is solely our choice to make.

Here are 3 strategies for having more time to spend on the things most important to you.

# 1: Take back control of your life.

If you feel like you have lost control of your life, take it back. Don’t blame your lifestyle demands, your boss demands, or living in a culture that thrives on over commitment.

I challenge you to look at how you really spend your time and find ways to save more of it for what really matters to you.

# 2: Set boundaries.

Technology can take a lot of the blame here.  We have let it tear down the boundaries that used to naturally protect our time. We are so constantly bombarded with information and demands that we don’t have time to think.

Reconstruct your boundaries so you aren’t constantly overwhelmed. Turn off the computer, your phone, your mobile device.  Set aside a specific time to check email instead of constantly throughout the day. Take a minute to just sit still. Sound scary? Then you need to set boundaries more than you think!

# 3: Cut out the time suckers and prioritize what’s important.

Take a minute to write down your top 3 priorities each day, and then schedule time to do them. Don’t let what is really important to you take a back seat.  Set priorities for your time and then honor them.

Now, write down some of the time suckers in your life. What are you spending too much time on that you can let go of? Do you waste time online, instead of setting time aside? Do you allow people to expect you to respond immediately to emails?  Do you agree to do things you don’t want to do? Take a good look at the choices you are currently making with your time and then do some serious priority adjusting.

Here’s something to think about – if you don’t take your time, it will be taken from you.

Are you making good use of  your most precious asset – your time?  Do you have other strategies for having more time for what’s important to you? Please leave a comment and share them here!


Betty Lochner is the Owner of Cornerstone Coaching & Training. She specializes in personal and organizational transformation and is the author of  Dancing with Strangers: Communication skills for transforming your life at work and at home.

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