Top 10 Communication Posts of 2011

by Betty Lochner on December 31, 2011

Top 10 communication blogs posts of 2011I’m always intrigued by what articles on the myriad of communication topics I write about are most visited on my blog.  So, this year I put together the Top 10 most visited blog posts  for the year.

The number one post by far was Test your listening skills. It was linked to and visited almost twice as often as any other post.  Listening is the theme of blog post #7 as well.  Did you hear that?

Also making the 2011 Top 10 is a post from 2010 – the always popular Real Life Dilbert Quotes.  Rounding out the list are 2 posts announcing communcation skills workshops.

Here they are in order of popularity. If you missed any of these this year, here’s your chance to check them out:


  1. Test your listening skills.
  2. 10 Most Common Body Language Mistakes 
  3. 5 ways to improve your work relationships
  4. 10 Easy Appreciation Exercises
  5. Be a communication rock star: Top 5 qualities you need
  6. Fearless presentations: 5 awesome public speaking tips
  7. Real Life Dilbert Quotes
  8. 5 Strategies to Improve Your Listening Skills
  9. Cornerstone Workshops: Communication Skills for Success
  10. Communication Skills Training Opportunities

And, to my loyal readers, thank you for coming back weekly to read my new articles!

What communication topics to you want to see in 2012?  Leave a comment below – then let’s see if it becomes a favorite for 2012!




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