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Women's Summit spring 2019

Members of the first Women’s Summit, held spring 2019. We were 60 strong!

Gen testimonialBetty is a an engaging speaker, who was able to connect with everyone attending our leadership conference. We received wonderful feedback about her presentation and subsequently invited her to speak at multiple events and conferences. Following the conference, attendees continued to tell us how effective her communications strategies were when implemented at work and in their daily lives. Whether you are looking for a trainer focused on communication or an energetic keynote, I wholeheartedly recommend Betty. ~  Genevieve O’Sullivan, former chair,  Interagency Committee for State Employed Women (ICSEW)


Confident Communication: A Women’s Summit

Next Summit is March 20, 2020

This  one-day event is sponsored by the Washington Center for Women is Business, and is held at the South Puget Sound Community College campus in Lacey, Washington (45 miles south of Sea Tac airport).

Registration opens to the public on January 1.  See the Summit event page for more information.  Registration for members of my private Facebook group will have the opportunity to register early;  join the Confident Communication Facebook Group.

On-Site Training and Professional Development

Training, development, and education are vital to an individual’s growth and an organization’s success. Engaged and motivated employees are committed to achieving both personal and organizational goals. Cornerstone Coaching & Training provides clients with a strategic and innovative approach to on-site training and development.

You’ve Got Good People. Help Them Be Their Best.

A few hours can make a big difference, especially when invested in our employees. Betty teaches individuals and organizations how to make small changes that have big impact on morale, self-confidence, and productivity. 

Workshops and trainings can be offered for a few hours to a full day or more. Each workshop or training session is customized fit the needs of your group.  Please contact me to talk with me about your training needs, or to  speak at your next conference or event.  

See my complete list of Cornerstone workshops.

What your team can learn: 

Training and DevelopmentWorkplace Communication Coaching

The best way to improve workplace performance is to develop excellent communication skills. It’s also the top skill to help you advance your career (Gallup). This training workshop focuses on the power of improving your team’s communication skills through performance coaching. Learn and practice the three components of Performance Coaching with your team:

  • Direction
  • Feedback
  • Encouragement

Culture Shift: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change

Could your workplace use a culture shift: Do you need some ideas on how to improve morale and move your team towards a more positive workplace culture? Explore how to:

  • Build an effective and engaging work culture starting from where you are now
  • Define your individual work culture and results required
  • Assess and identify gaps in your current culture
  • Close gaps with tools and small changes you can start learning and applying right away

Leadership Training – Unlocking Your Potential

The skills needed to be a good leader varies based on your personal style and the needs of your organization. This workshop will teach a customized version of the following:

  • Improve workplace communication
  • Explore your own leading style and ways to improve
  • Learn how to set expectations, motivate your team, and give meaningful feedback

Generations at Work

Never before has the work place been so age diverse. In this workshop you will discover how to better relate to and motivate all age groups by understanding their perspectives, values, and distinctive work ethics. You’ll also gain skills to improve communication and resolve conflict across all generational and management levels. 

training exercise

Supervision Skills for Success 

New supervisors and experienced managers will find this course beneficial. It covers roles and responsibilities, core competencies, federal and state HR laws, hiring, retention strategies, performance coaching, handling disciplinary action and more. Training is tailored for your group and is usually 1-3 days.  

Human Resources Solve Sessions

HR gets more complicated by the day. Whether you’re new to management or want to refresh your knowledge and skills, I offer individual and group training sessions  to help you navigate the changing terrain and build processes and systems to make your HR operation run more efficiently.