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by Betty Lochner on February 12, 2011

Nope, I’m not talking about parking,  I’m talking about personal validation. I’m talking about using appreciation to really make someone’s day.

Don’t you wish that you could just ask for some positive feedback?  Compliments free with validation – how cool would that be?

So why don’t we get validated more often?

We live in a culture that is quick to point out what’s wrong – the bad service, the cranky boss, what we didn’t like about someone.

It doesn’t have to be like that. And it all starts with you.

How often do you validate someone? How often do you make someone smile and feel good about themselves because of what you’ve said?

Think about how it would feel….

You  walk up to someone, (with your validation card), and say:

I need a validation, please.

You are greeted with a smile and they say something to you like:

“You are awesome. You have an amazing face, such powerful features.”

You really think so?

“Absolutely. You look great. “

STAMP! – you’ve been validated!

“You look great. Do you work out?”


“I can see you’ve been a lot, you have had so much life experience to share.”


“That’s a fantastic suit. It really flatters you.”


“You work so hard, and what you do is so important.”

Pretty cool, huh? And, it will feel just as good to be the stamper as it is to get a validation yourself.

So get your validation stamp out.  It starts with you.  Greet someone with a smile today and validate them!

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