Hey crabby, watch your attitude |10 ways to improve your attitude for better communication

by Betty Lochner on July 2, 2012

Watch your attitude

Rainy day blues or fun at the beach - you decide

Here’s the cool thing about your thinking  – YOU get to control it. You get to decide what to focus on, what to believe in and what to value.   And, ultimately, your thinking is reflected in your attitude.  You can choose to be negative and crabby, or you can choose to be positive.  Both will influence your communication – for better or for worse.

The best way to create a positive communication culture, at work and at home, is to make being positive the norm. It all begins with you and your attitude and then how you communicate that with others.  So here you go – here are 10 ways you can improve your attitude.  Are any of these ones you should work on?

10 ways to Improve your attitude

1)      Don’t hold grudges.

2)      Talk with tact. Think about how you are saying what you are saying.

3)       Instead of complaining, focus on solutions.  Ask “what can I do to help?”

4)      Give people the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has a story.

5)      Pick your battles wisely. It is really worth it? Do you need to win?

6)      Remind yourself of your blessings. Do it daily.

7)      Enjoy your life – fill your day with laughter and fun.  Life is too short not to work to enjoy every minute of it.

8)      Celebrate every good thing that happens.

9)      Forgive others and live in the present, not the past.  Let go of old baggage and make every day a new beginning.

10)    Be a good role model for positive communication – and keep your distance from those who are negative.  As positive communication will breed more positive, the same will happen for negative.

Remember: your attitude is your choice – make it a good one.


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