2018 Edition of 52 Communication Tips

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About six years ago I had an idea to put some of my best communication tips in a workbook to use with my training. It’s been a best seller ever since.

Learning how to communicate effectively in all situations is the most important area of self-development you can work on. It also pays the biggest dividends.

Here’s what research shows:

A survey of employers found that the most highly desired trait in new recruits was communication skills.

80% of employees who lost their jobs did so due to an inability to communicate. – The Carnegie Foundation

97.7% of Fortune 500 vice presidents surveyed believe that communication skills had affected their career advancement.

When CEO’s from 5000 US companies were asked: What are the three most important things you have learned in order to perform your role as an executive? They ranked communication as number one.

The 52-week challenge

52 Communication Tips is a simple and powerful weekly study that focuses on helping you become more aware of how you communicate. It will teach you how you can make small changes that will make a huge difference in your relationships.

If you read and practice each short weekly tip, you will find yourself exploring several communication themes.  Most lessons repeat in some way at least once over the course of the book, and all focus on the center of all good communication – listening, building connections, and having positive and respectful relationships.

There are two ways the information in this book can be studied. As an individual seeking personal growth and improved communication skills, or as part of a work group or organization to build their team through building better communication skills together.

The Individual Challenge

Read one tip a week and work on that one short lesson. Each week, read a new lesson and set a personal action goal for the week.

Keep in mind that not everything you will learn in these lessons will be easy or right for you. In fact, not everything will work for your personality, your style, or your comfort level.  It’s okay to skip around or go back and do a lesson over.  Just remember that usually whatever is most uncomfortable is what you most need to work on!

The Workplace Challenge

Use this book as part of team transformation by working on one tip together each week as part of a staff meeting, or as a special 15-minute Monday morning meeting. Read through a tip a week together and talk about working on that one tip within your workgroup for that week. Then report out successes. When everyone is working on the same tip together, it provides accountability and the group engages in professional development together. It is a simple and powerful team building tool.

It’s updated with an expanded format for better note taking. If you would like to pre-order a copy at half price, you can order your copy here. As soon as the new books arrive, I’ll ship one out to you and pay the postage.


Betty Lochner is the Owner of Cornerstone Coaching & Training. She specializes in improving interpersonal communication skills, building and leading teams, training supervisors, career coaching, solving human resources issues, and working with different communication styles and generations.

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