This week my grandson, Azi, turns two.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing about my first day as a Nanny Granny.

Two summers ago we fell in love with this sweet guy, who is now a talker, a thinker and a full time manipulator.  I liken this toddler stage to being led around by a short dictator. He pretty much calls the shots. And, I’m usually okay with that.

Here’s what we’ve discovered this year:

My name is NaNa.

After a year and half of calling myself Grammy, I was named, without ceremony, NaNa (with emphasis on the second syllable).

Azi still runs the show.

My daughter still tells me what to feed/not feed and do/not do.  We nod our heads and wave bye-bye and then we get on with our day. No real schedule, other than a regular coffee run that includes sharing a cookie the size of Azi’s head.  Close enough.

Tantrums are a right of passage.

I have developed a much higher tolerance for a good tantrum than I did with my kids. I realize now that if you lose interest and wait it out, he will lose interest too. Usually. 

Tubby time is way under-rated.

Bath time isn’t just for bedtime. Azi loves taking a bath anytime. I let the water run the entire time. I don’t mind getting wet. I sit next to him and get caught up on reading email or deleting the thousands of Azi pics I have duplicates of.  It’s really quite fun to have the down time while he’s contained.

Naps are best taken together

We have a routine of rocking to sleep while listening to Sesame Street Pandora. He prefers sleeping on me over his night-time bed, so we both get a little shut eye.

And with all that down time – I still spend most of my day chasing, pushing, playing, and being bossed around.

Being an only child is cool.

Azi’s days as the first and only child will be ending soon. He has no idea. Neither do his parents.

I’m not sure how our routine will change with Azi’s brother shows up on the scene in a few months.  But I’m sure he’ll still figure out how to be in charge.

For now, we celebrate our time together and look forward to our new adventures to come. Happy Birthday, Azriel.

Betty Lochner Gramma


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