This morning I got an early call from my son who was trying to decide whether to take our granddaughter to daycare. He and his wife are working from home, and they really needed to take her so they could keep up with their workloads. They wondered if it was socially responsible to do that. Tough everyday decisions dealing with limited and changing information appears to be the new normal for most of us.

We are all learning day by day and even hour by hour how serious the current coronavirus crisis truly is. We are constantly learning new information that brings fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. It’s easy to look at things from a short-term preemptive, or reactive perspective, but this crisis requires more from us. It requires us to find ways to support each other, to contribute to solving problems, and to be overly cautious in everything we do. It does not have to rob us of our joy. Don’t let it do that.

Make a mindset shift.

Yes, it is overwhelming. While it’s important to take this public health crisis seriously it’s also important to mitigate our fear and anxiety about finances, our emotional well being, and our health.

How do we adjust our mindset, so we aren’t robbed of our sense of control and of our joy?

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, you must do something to shift your mindset. Shift it to a mindset of gratitude.

Seek out and practice daily gratitude in your life. It will be the small, yet important things in our lives that will help us shift our mindset from fear to optimism.

Take the Gratitude Challenge!

So, friends, I challenge you to start or step up your daily practice of gratitude. Begin every day with three things that you’re grateful for. Choose something different each day. Spend time during your day to notice and celebrate small moments of joy. Communicate often with loved ones, encourage your neighbors and friends, and live a life of gratitude! End your day with gratefulness for what went well during the day and count your blessings instead of your trials.

Make gratitude the new normal in your life.

Gratitude does more than just add joy to your life, it will also help you build your resilience, by focusing on what is important right now and putting things out of your control in the proper perspective.

When you make gratitude your new normal you will shift your mindset. In times of stress or overwhelm, it’s even more important to seek out gratitude pick-me-ups that can help us shift to a happier, more optimistic mindset. One that will help you move from fear to being proactive, adjusting, and thriving. That will make you a better parent, spouse, boss, worker, and friend. And, that’s truly what we all need right now.


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Betty Lochner is a human resources consultant, business coach and expert in workplace communications. She is the owner and CEO of Cornerstone Coaching & Training, dedicated to helping individuals, work groups and organizations become better communicators and leaders. She is the author of 2 books on communication, and a newly published journal Intentional Gratitude