In my blog last week, I shared a general overview and some highlights from the Fall Women’s Summit. Over the next few weeks, I’ll continue to highlight some of the topics we tackled and unpack the tips and tools we learned.

I’m starting with one of my favorite sessions because it introduced a framework that has inspired me to build the skill of become a better storyteller.

Jennifer Haury, CEO of All Angles Consulting, led this presentation. She is a veteran Summit speaker known for breaking down complicated ideas into simple processes and tools. For the Fall Women’s Summit she shared a framework to help you tell your own story.

The Magic of Storytelling Summary

Our stories have power. Learning the magic of storytelling displays that power by learning to tell your own stories.

There are many types of stories to tell including to teach something, to inspire others, and to entertain. Sometimes stories do all three in the same story.

Think about something you could teach someone, or that could inspire someone. Write that down.

Now, think about something entertaining or that you find amusing that you could share with someone. Write that down.

Hopefully you thought of at least one story idea that you wrote down.

The SOAR Format:

The problem we often face with telling our stories is that we don’t always know how or where to start. The framework that Jennifer introduced to help us do that is titled SOAR.

S – Situation

What is the situation of your story? Where does it take place, what it the context? What were you feeling?

O – Obstacles

What were the obstacles you faced and overcame. What was the issue or conflict?

A – Actions

What did you do? Or not do? What action did you take? What did you learn?

R – Results

How did you figure out what to do differently? What happened when you did that?

Start Here

Write down your thoughts for each part of the S-O-A-R format. It doesn’t have to be perfect, especially for the first draft. At the Summit we took some time to write a short draft of the story we wanted to tell and then we broke into small groups and shared our thoughts and stories.

S-O-A-R is a simple tool that you can use to help you learn the magic of storytelling so you can more confidently tell your stories. Give it a try. What story are you waiting to tell?

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Betty Lochner is a human resources consultant, business coach, and expert in workplace communications. She is the author of two books on communication, and a newly published journal, Intentional Gratitude.