What does The Power of Us mean to you? For me, it means that we are most certainly better together.

We learned about and practiced that notion at the Spring Women’s Summit. We got together, albeit virtually, for a day of learning, and encouragement with each other.

There were many interconnected presentations during the day including the power of examing our implicit negative bias, learning about the interconnection of joy and grit, and bringing out the stories we carry in us.

And they all come around to leaning into the power of us.

Here are just a few examples of ways to do just that.

Lean In

When we lean into collaboration and stay away from judgment and competition, we learn that there is plenty of work, plenty of opportunities, plenty of credit, and acknowledgments to go around.

When we take the time to encourage and appreciate each other, we raise each other up.

To put that into practice – show up! Demonstrate your support by helping to amplify the messages of others by being specific. For example, when responding to an announcement on social media, don’t simply like an accomplishment, or offer a simple “congratulations” or “good job”. Take the time to offer a specific reflection about the importance of the achievement, idea, or success and the impact it will have.

Share Your Knowledge

It’s true. Knowledge is powerful. Don’t worry about giving away too much information, or being too generous. Your selflessness will come back to you in a multitude of positive ways including respect, loyalty, and appreciation.

Practice Your “High-Five”

The Power of Us starts with developing your own power. Work on yourself. Appreciate yourself. Like yourself. Get your self-talk under control.

Here’s a way to put that idea into practice: Starting as soon as you get up each day, give yourself a “high-five” when you first see yourself in the mirror. Then, throughout the day, pause and give yourself another high-five every time you pass a mirror. It turns an often negative experience – as we note our physical faults up close – into a powerful and positive light. It will have a positive impact on your entire day.

I have a simple rule that will change your life. Never leave a bathroom without high-fiving the person you see in the mirror. It’s a simple and shockingly powerful way to cheer yourself on.

Mel Robbins

The picture below captures the Summit participants practicing their High Fives. I think they got it!

Women's Summit High Five

As the Summit event surveys are coming in, I am hearing over and over how important these gatherings are – why we need to continue to stick together and to encourage and support each other by sharing our experiences, our stories, and the true power of us.

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Betty Lochner is a human resources consultant, business coach, and expert in workplace communications. She is the author of two books on communication, and a newly published journal, Intentional Gratitude.