Authentic Communication: Walking the Walk

Authentic Communication

This month I gave a presentation at a Women in Leadership Symposium that was held at a waste water treatment plant, which sounds weirder than it was. On site was a open trail area and a beautiful conference and learning center with the appropriate name  of “Brightwater.”

 My presentation was titled “Performance Coaching: Bringing out the Best in Others.” We learned and practiced some basic authentic communication skills to better provide direction, regular and timely feedback, and encouragement to enhance work groups. We learned what can get in the way of communicating clearly and we talked about walking the walk.

Walking the walk is all about living out your authentic self.  It means being self aware of your non verbal cues, being careful about making assumptions, giving clear expectations, and dealing with issues as soon as they arise.

One of the best ways to become a better communicator and leader is to be aligned with a mentor. A mentor is someone who you can learn from and who can help you meet your goals. They usually have more experience than you, and are in a position in life that you desire to be. They can help you by sharing their wisdom, connecting you with people who can help you, and sharing their perspective with you.

This was illustrated so well by the youngest speaker of the day, Elsa. She is an 11 year old girl who ended the conference with a wonderful acrostic poem on Leadership set to music.  It was creative and inspiring. She clearly has mentors in her life – one of which is her mom, Lara, who watched proudly from the side as her daughter presented herself with poise, confidence and humor.

 We all learn from people who walk the walk – whether they are parents, colleagues, friends, or anyone you look up to. Find a good mentor. Someone who believes in you and has time for you.  And, learn how to be the best you can be.  If you’d like to learn more about becoming an authentic communicator or finding a mentor, please contact me!


Betty, Ruben and Penny

Betty, Ruben and Penny

My passion is teaching individuals and organizations how to make small changes in how they communicate that make huge differences in their relationships at work and home – improving morale, confidence and productivity.
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