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The local (Olympia, WA) BearZaar holiday bazaar is virtual this year. The good news is you can shop at home, and you can Intentional Gratitude even if you don’t live in Olympia!

You can buy my journal right here and I will deliver (locally) or ship them to you. Intentional Journal cost is $15 (+ tax) and includes a gratitude jar!

Welcome Bearzaar shoppers!

I will be at Olympia High School on November 21 for you to pick up your order. Journals with Gratitude Jars will be gift wrapped for you and are only available for pick-up. If you choose to have your Journals shipped, you will be charged a $3 shipping cost. Jars not included with shipped journals.

If you want to make other arrangements to meet me in Olympia to pick up your order, please contact me.

Intentional Gratitude Journal with jar.
Note: Gratitude Jar ribbon color varies

Intentional Gratitude Journal:
52 Ways to Discover the Blessings in Your Life

We live in a stressful world where it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The prevalent use of technology – designed to give us more connection – can instead leave us feeling a disconnection from each other and from ourselves.

Intentional Gratitude is a simple yet powerful journal that focuses on helping you become more aware of and grateful for the blessings in your life. It is a compilation of 52 gratitude action prompts and exercises for you to practice and build the habit of gratitude. It has beautiful photographs, inspiring quotes, and lots of room to write and doodle.

Intentional Gratitude is a way for us to discover and acknowledge the goodness in our life, whether tangible or intangible. Through gratitude, we learn to reconize that the source of that goodness lies at least partially outside of ourselves.

When we practice regular gratitude, we reap a multitude of positive benefits, including a healtheir mindset, more confidence, better health, less stress and stronger relationships.

For the Bearzaar, I’m offering the Journal and a Gratitude Jar at a special price. This comes wrapped in a gift bag with tissue and makes a wonderful Thanksgiving or Christmas gift!

Purchase a Journal with a Gratitude Jar for $15.00 (regular price $20.00)

(delivered to OHS on November 21)

To purchase additional quantities for delivery, or to have your journals shipped to you, please email me:

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Betty Lochner with journals
Betty Lochner, Author