Financial Literacy: 3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Finances

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Saving for college is a lot harder when your budget is messy. When you get out the duster to remove cobwebs and dust off your blinds for spring cleaning (or sweep the refrigerator like my grandson), don’t forget to tidy up your dusty budget.

Write Performance Evaluations that Matter

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A well written and communicated performance evaluation is one of the best tools you have to help employees work to their strengths and do their best work. Here are my best tips on how to do performance evaluations to set your employees up for success.

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Four Steps to Achieving Your Goals

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There is no better way to be a change agent then to determine the goals you have and go after them. Here are some goal-getting tips that will help you get there. You can apply these four steps to any goal you have - short term or long term. They are powerful tools that will help you get to where you here.

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