Goal Setting

10 Ways to Live a Life of Gratitude

Intentional Gratitude journal

I learned a bit about gratitude this summer. Kenny and I went to Glacier National Park for a 10-day hiking trip. Unfortunately, weather prevented us from hiking all but three of the days we were there. This led to quite a bit of unexpected downtime in White Fish, Montana. On our many walks around the town, I browsed in bookstores to find a new gratitude journal. My vision was a journal with prompts for different ways to explore gratitude with lots of room for doodling. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. In the week we had in our

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Four Steps to Achieving Your Goals

goal setting

There is no better way to be a change agent then to determine the goals you have and go after them. Here are some goal-getting tips that will help you get there. You can apply these four steps to any goal you have - short term or long term. They are powerful tools that will help you get to where you here.

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