An Attitude of Gratitude: 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

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Showing appreciation and gratitude for others is one of the most powerful communication tools you can have. When you show appreciation on a regular basis, it will open doors to a better conversation, a more positive exchange, and ultimately a better relationship. Here are 10 simple ways to make appreciation a part of your daily life.

I’m Not a Cat: Benefits and Challenges to Working from Home

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For many of us working from home, we’ve had to lighten up a bit, abandon our desire for perfection and control, become comfortable with revealing more of ourselves and embrace the unforeseen.

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12 Ways to Improve Virtual Meeting Engagement

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We are in the midst of an historical digital experience that has changed business communication. And with it comes endless, often boring, virtual meetings. Here are 12 ways you can improve your virtual meeting engagement.

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The Power of Language

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Words are the foundations of relationships; personal, professional, and casual. How many of us really pay attention to the words we use? The language we use has power. This article introduces a tool to help you change the words and phrases we use to them to communicate without using blame, guilt or judgement.

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