Individual Small Group Communication Skills CoachingWhen I attended Betty’s communications training, I was a Budget Analyst who needed to improve my communication style. I learned so much from her training and her book Dancing with Strangers that I have been promoted numerous times.  I often use Betty’s phrase, “shovel your piles, while they are small,” which means fix problems before they grow into bigger ones. I have used this in practice and also had conversations in interviews that unpack this phrase, which I believe landed me a better job in a different agency. My next step is to work towards the career path that utilizes my new communication skills to an even higher capacity.  ~ Noel Parrish, Washington State Department of Health


Individual Communication and Career Coaching

Individual and small group coaching is custom-tailored to the needs of individuals looking to improve communication in their current position or career path, find a new career path, or explore how to be better leaders in general. Small groups can also participate in sessions Betty has honed over decades of training experience, and packages that include individual time as well.

Topics you can choose from:

  • Improve personal communication and reduce conflict with your boss, your co-workers, and others.
  • Prepare for a difficult conversation.
  • Enhance team communication, respond to counterproductive team members, and build group morale.
  • Deal effectively and appropriately in hard situations, such as poor employee performance, staff reductions, or letting someone go.
  • Address how to deal with different communication styles and workplace diversity.
  • Become a better team leader, manager, or mentor.
  • Create an engaging workforce.
  • Solve day-to-day human resources challenges.
  • Work on your own career development.

Monthly Online Coaching

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