How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Money

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This week I’m sharing some information specific to women entrepreneurs who want to own and run their own businesses. Women in business is an area near and dear to my heart. I found the information I’m sharing here fascinating. I hope you do to!

Women bring a different perspective to the workplace. Women

also have the ambition to buckle down and get what is expected of them done. Even though women have a hard time being accepted into leadership roles, they make great bosses. 50% of workers would rather work for women-lead companies. 

Industry leaders like Kevin O’Leary, a main investor off Shark Tank, admits to seeking out women entrepreneurs. They continue to exceed his expectations. Out of the 40 companies he has invested in, 95% of women have hit their goals. That compares to 65% of businesses that are led by men. 

If you are a successful woman ready to grow your own business, check out Fundera’s infographic. It includes 9 steps for you to successfully raise money like a boss. 

How Successful Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funding


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