How Would Professional Career Coaching Benefit Me?

Are you ready to find a new job that you actually enjoy? Do you want to build a career in something you are passionate about? Do you want to run your own business and have no idea where to start? If you find yourself in any of these situations, a professional career coaching program could greatly benefit you.

My newest online course, Career Coaching Program, will help you wherever you are in your personal career journey. Specifically, if you have just graduated from college, are changing course mid-career, or launching a brand new business, this coaching course will guide and direct you from where you are to where you want to be. 

You may be wondering how a professional career coaching program can benefit you. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefit #1: Discover Your Values & Strengths

First things first. It’s difficult to know which direction to choose until you know your specific values and strengths. Firstly, we’ll begin the course with a communication and behavior style assessment. As a result, this evaluation will help in determining your specific communication style, which in turn will assist you as you choose your next career move.

Benefit #2: Successfully Navigate Your Job Search

This part of choosing a new career can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, some people choose the “dartboard” method of applying for a variety of jobs. They submit multiple applications, hoping that one will hit the bullseye. Save your valuable time and energy by having the right tools to find the right job. Additionally in this module, you’ll receive a job search toolkit that contains helpful resources for a resume review, interview prep, and getting that job offer.

Benefit #3: Receive Personalized Coaching

Finally, you will get two one-on-one coaching sessions with me that can be customized to your particular job and career search.

Don’t Wait! Register Today

The Career Coaching Program will help you wherever you are in your individual career journey. With online training, valuable resources, and individual coaching sessions, you’ll receive everything you need to develop and execute your personal career action plan. Don’t wait in doubt and uncertainty about the future of your career any longer. Register today for the Career Coaching Program. I look forward to helping you discover your passion and begin to absolutely love your job!

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