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Cornerstone currently offers four difference courses to help you improve your communication skills at work and at home:

  1. Communication Skills for Success (4 modules over 4 weeks) $145 | $225
  2. The Remote Boss (4 modules over 4 weeks) $297 |$397
  3. Workplace Communication (4 modules, 2 short lessons each) $75
  4. Career Coaching Program (4 modules) $97 and 1 coaching session

The following are descriptions of each of the current offerings with links to more details and how to register.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss the best course for you and your team, please contact Betty.

Communication Skills for Success (CSS)

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Registration is Open for my most popular course!

$145 independent study | $225 coaching package

Communication Skills for Success teaches the skills, habits, and methods that you need to become a more confident and effective communicator at work and at home.

It includes self-assessment, essential communication skills (listening, micro-connects) and a new lesson on virtual communication, with a Guide to Facilitating Virtual Meetings, and lessons on how to handle difficult conversations. The course includes 4 modules with 2-5 lessons each:

Module 1: Where You are NowIntroduction
Module 2: Communication EssentialsActive Listening
Non-Verbal Communication
Virtual Listening Skills
Communicating with Different Styles and Generations
The Power of Appreciation
Module 3: Dealing with Difficult ConversationsPerformance Coaching Skills
Hard Conversations
Handling Conflict Well
Scripts and Tips
Module 4: Where You Want to BeAssessment Review
Your Personal Communication Plan
Action Plan for Continued Learning

You get immediate access when you register. The course is a 4-week course. Each week you get a new module, and you work at your own pace. There is no deadline for completion. Click here for more details and registration information.

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The Remote Boss

Master Management in a Virtual Communication

Registration is now open!

$ 297 independent study | $397 coaching package

The Remote Boss is a 4-week online course for new, aspiring, and seasoned managers. It includes skill-building, expert coaching, guest speakers, personalized feedback, and guidance to build your skills, confidence, and ability to becoming a better boss in a face-to-face or virtual environment. The course includes 4 modules with 4 lessons each.

Module 1: Addressing Strengths and Discovering Stretches
  • Manager Skills Self-Assessment
  • The Remote Boss Mindset
  • Your Personal Strengths Profile
  • Developing a Remote Coaching Culture
Module 2: Managing Goals and Expectations
  • Setting Goals and Expectations
  • Your Performance Evaluation System
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Effective Delegation
  • Productivity Tips
Module 3: Effective Communication
  • Virtual Listening in a Remote Environment
  • Facilitating Meetings in a Remote Environment
  • Straight Talk and Tough Conversations
  • your Team Communication Plan
Module 4: Building and Sustaining a Positive Team
  • Workplace Culture Assessment
  • Embracing a Diverse and Inclusive Environement 
  • Improving Employee Engagement
  • The Power of Appreciation and Gratitude

Click here for details and registration info

Workplace Communication:

Learn the Skills and Tools You Need to Handle Workplace Conversations Like a Pro – only $75

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Online, self-paced course with 4 modules (2-3 short lessons in each)

  • Do you want to improve your workplace communication skills?
  • Are you an ambitious employee looking to advance in your career?
  • Do you want to feel more confident in handling uncomfortable or difficult conversations?
  • Are your training funds limited, and you need an awesome value for the cost?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this course is for you.

Click here for details and registration info

Career Coaching Program:

From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Betty Lochner online course

Ongoing and Self-Paced

$97 – includes 4 modules and an individual coaching session

The Career Coaching Program is an online program that will help you wherever you are in your career journey.

This Personal Career Coaching Program will teach you how to create an action plan for your career journey in four steps.

  • Understand Where you Are
  • Explore Where You Want to Be
  • Find Your Ideal Job
  • Develop a Career Action Plan

It begins with a self-assessment and goal setting and includes actionable tasks that will help you land the job you want. The program includes online training, resources, and individual coaching. Click here for details and registration info.