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Intentional Gratitude

Intentional Gratitude is a simple yet powerful journal that focuses on helping you become more aware of and grateful for the blessings in your life. It is a compilation of 52 gratitude action prompts and exercises for you to practice and build the habit of gratitude. Available on Amazon.

52 Communication Tips: Weekly lessons for improving your relationships

52 Communication Tips

52 Communication Tips is a simple and powerful weekly study that focuses on helping you become more aware of how you communicate and how you can make small changes that will make a huge difference in all your relationships. This book is currently being used in college communication courses and training as a workbook of weekly communication lessons.

You can use this book individually or as part of team transformation by working on one tip together each week . Available from Amazon.

Dancing with Strangers: Communication skills for transforming your life at work and home

Communication skills book, Dancing with StrangersIn this book, you’ll learn how little changes in the way you communicate can make a big difference.

You’ll find practical tips to:

Improve your interpersonal communication skills,

Help you live and work with people from different generations and communication styles,

Help you learn about the power of appreciation in building relationships.

Dancing with Strangers - communication skills


Gladie’s Gift

One of my favorite ways to show appreciation is by surprising people with home made treats.  It’s a great connector.

This book is a compilation of my family’s favorite recipes passed down from my mom – an amazing cook and connector.  It’s a great collection of tried and true, easy to make recipes that I share often.  I hope you love Gladies’ Gift as much as I loved putting it together for you.

52 Communication Tips