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Master the skills and gain the confidence you need

to become a more effective boss.

This self-paced online course includes expert coaching, guest speakers, personalized feedback, and professional guidance that will build your skills, improve your confidence, and provide you with all you need to become a better and team leader.

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Supervisors are often thrust into the world of management with little to no experience or training on how to do that. 

Leading a team of people with varying skills and motivations presents a myriad of challenges and issues.

 Whether you are a new, aspiring, or seasoned manager, you know that managing people is one of the toughest – and most rewarding rolesthat you will ever have.  With the added challenges that pivoting from remote to hybrid or an in-person workplace brings, and the job becomes even tougher.


sources: and SHRM 2019 Culture Report

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58% of managers say they haven't received any manager training

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60% of workers leave their job because of their manager

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40% of workers say their manager fails to  have regular honest conversations about work with them

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34% of workers say their manager can't lead a team

Since Covid:

81% of Remote Managers are Struggling 

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, 40 percent of managers and supervisors expressed “low confidence in their ability to manage workers remotely.” Another 41 percent of managers doubt their ability to keep their remote staffers motivated over the long term.

Remote and Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

  • 83 percent of respondents said that even after the health crisis has passed, they plan to put more flexible work policies in place, such as allowing more people to work from home or letting them adjust their schedules.
  • Managing teams in a remote or hybrid environment require additional skills.


Master the Skills and Tools You Need To Become a Better Supervisor

The Remote workplace is here to stay.  This course will support you in learning new skill sets and habits designed to help you become a more accomplished manager and confident team leader - in any work environment. 

As you implement the tools and techniques you'll learn in this course, you will watch your workplace transform - into one that is more positive, effective, and efficient.

This Online Course Will Teach You How to:

  • Overcome communication and supervision challenges,

  • Become a better virtual listener,

  • Learn what a team communication plan is and why it's essential,

  • Expand your knowledge and abilities whether you are a new manager, team leader, or seasoned manager.

  • Move from surviving to thriving in a remote, hybrid, and in-person work environment!
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There is a direct link between effective management skills and employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Good bosses are the key to creating a workplace where employees thrive.

SHRM R2019 Culture Report
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Experience These Benefits and More:

  • Guides, worksheets, tools, and resources available for download
  • Practical skills that can be applied immediately
  • Tools to perform your job with more joy and less stress!
  • Training costs are tax-deductible

Supervisor Essentials consists of online material.

The course begins when you register. Four modules with 3-5 lessons each are delivered to you weekly.
There is no deadline for the completion of this course. You work at your own pace. 

Overview of Course Modules

I've bundled together my most in-demand training.  Each lesson in each module is a mini-workshop that I would charge $67-$97 each.  Total cost of this package if taken as individual workshops would be over $1,500

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Assessing Strengths & Discovering Stretches

  • Manager Skills Self-Assessment
  • The Remote Boss Mindset
  • Your Personal Strengths Profile
  • Developing a Remote Coaching Culture
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Managing Performance

  • Setting Goals and Expectations
  • Your Performance Evaluation System
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Effective Delegation
  • Productivity Tips
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Effective Communication

  • Virtual Listening in a Remote Environment
  • Facilitating Meetings in a Remote Environment
  • Straight Talk and Tough Conversations
  • Your Team Communication Plan
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Building and Sustaining a Positive Team

  • Workplace Culture Assessment
  • Embracing a Diverse and Inclusive Environment 
  • Improving Employee Engagement
  • The Power of Appreciation and Gratitude

Course Instructor: Betty Lochner, M.Ed, SPHR

My passion for teaching you these skills comes from my 30+ years in a career that focused primarily on manager and staff development. I loved watching new, aspiring, and even seasoned managers transform into great bosses and mentors to their staff. 

As a professional coach and trainer, I have worked with employees of private corporate organizations, small businesses, and government agencies.

I focus on teaching individuals, like you, how to gain the skills and confidence they need to transform your workplace culture and be the best boss and team leader you can be.

Becoming a good (or even great) boss doesn't come naturally. It's a compilation of learned skills, continuing education and professional development, self-awareness, and courage. 

Investing in Yourself Always Pays Off!

I have filled this course with all the information and skill-building you need to navigate the role of supervisor in a virtual, hybrid, and in-person workplace.  I can't wait to work with you!

Betty Lochner, Instructor
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Lynda Dennis

I started the course Be a Better Boss at the very beginning of the pandemic. Betty added and changed the content to reflect the current landscape. I used the information and resources as soon as I consumed them! This is a unique course, unlike any I have taken, and it is helping me reshape my thinking about what it means to be a good remote boss.

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Linnea Comstock

Betty has helped me become a much better manager. She has helped me set up an employee evaluation process,  and has taught me how to hold meaningful employee conversations which have transformed our workplace. She has helped me transition to being a hybrid remote boss which continues to impove skills as a small business workplace.

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Michael Fraidenburg

Betty has evolved into an expert in remote management and virual listening.  She teaches actionable relationship management skills along with individual coaching through real life scenarios to make the information immediately transferable to challenges in the remote work environment. She's also makes this course a whole lot of fun!





One Time Payment

  • 4 Training Modules  - each includes 4 lessons.  Modules Include: videos, slides, exercises, guest speakers, tools, worksheets and journal pages
  • 52 Communication Tips E-Book


  • Individual Coaching & Support including two individual coaching sessions via Zoom (value $300)
Refunds are available from time of purchase until you begin the program.
There is no time limit on completing the program.  
Email [email protected] with any questions
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