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Sorry, I wasn’t listening: 5 ways to model better listening skills


I have a confession to make when it comes to listening skills. I’m an interrupter. When I already know what someone is trying to say, or finish saying, or I have a point to make, I just cut right in. I know I shouldn’t do it. I know it’s rude. It drives me crazy when other people do it, so why do I? Most of us aren’t very good listeners. It may not be interrupting for you, but I’m guessing there is some bad habit you bring to the listening side of your communication. I think it’s safe to say

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Real Communication. Real Results. I help organizations and individuals achieve success in business and career goals by providing HR consulting, manager, and communication skills coaching and training.  I focus on teaching small changes that make a huge difference in workplace culture. My goal is to inspire confidence and empower individuals to create happier, more productive workplaces and more fulfilling lives. Learn More About Betty Lochner, Owner and CEO My areas of expertise in workplace communication and relationships focuses on: NEW! Online Course – Manager Essentials: How to Be a Better Boss Live Event – Confident Communication: A Women’s Summit –

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