Corporate Culture Problems are best solved as a team. This testimonial was a group effort by the team at Comstock PT.

Since our team began working with Betty, there is less tension. We are better at problem solving together, handling problems quicker instead of shoveling communication and workload complications into a pile to deal with later, checking in with other, appreciating each other, having more fun together, and avoiding the blame game.

We learned methods and word changes we can use that shows active listening and appreciation for each other’s time. The culture has improved to better reflect our values, mission statement, and long-range career goals.


Linnea Comstock testimonial

I wished I would have started working with Betty even sooner. I gained confidence as a leader, and have been able to put processes in place that makes leading a company a smoother, enjoyable daily process than another stressful day at work. I now know how to give and receive feedback and write meaningful evaluations.  ~ Linnea Comstock, Owner




Angela Andrew, NCLS

Betty’s knowledge on the subject was evident from the moment we started planning. She is an expert on inter-office relationships. She shared the best ways to communicate across generations in the work place. I would hire Betty again, not only for a Webinar, but for a session at a face-to-face meeting as well.  ~ Angela Andrews, Program Director, National Council of State Legislatures



Noel Parrish

When I attended Betty’s communications training, I was a Budget Analyst who needed to improve my communication style.  I learned so much from her training and her book “Dancing with Strangers” that I have been promoted numerous times.  I often use Betty’s phrase, “shovel your piles, while they are small,” which means fix problems before they grow into bigger ones. I have used this in practice and also had conversations in interviews that unpack this phrase, which I believe landed me a better job in a different agency. My next step it to work towards the career path that utilizes my new communication skills to an even higher capacity.  ~ Noel Parrish, Washington State Department of Health


Betty facilitated a performance coaching seminar which my team and I attended. It was one of the most impactful and fulfilling professional development activities I have ever participated in. ~ Lexi Shankster, Ph.D, Director of Student Success and Mobility, Institute for Higher Education Policy




Bob Dalton Testimonial

What a great workshop! I learned so much that I will take back to my team. Betty is a great advocate and teacher of how to communicate better in your interpersonal relationships at work. ~ Bob Dalton, Transportation Manager, Kitsap School District