Three ways to use body language to communicate better

Body Language and Commication

Know your body language.

When we seek to bring out the best in others,

we bring out the best in ourselves.

 ~ William Arthur

Your body language says a lot about you.  Experts say it makes up over 70% of your total communication message.  Way more than the words you use!

Using good body language can make a huge difference in the connection you make and the success of your communication. To be an effective communicator, your body language should help you connect and engage and be consistent with your words.  Here are three important body language basics:

1)      Look up and make eye contact.

2)      Keep your body posture open.

When you put your hands on your hips, it can be interpreted as a sign of superiority, arrogance, or defensiveness. Crossing your arms can show anger or superiority, or that you are “closed”. For best results, try to keep your arms open and at your sides, or use small hand movements to make a point.

3)      Nod and smile – show some positive signs that you are listening!

Try this:

In each conversation you have this week, be aware of what your body is doing. Maintain appropriate eye contact, stay engaged, keep your arms by your side, and show that you are paying attention!

Do you need to make some simple changes in your body language?


Betty Lochner


Betty Lochner is a communication specialist, author, and professional speaker who teaches individuals and organizations how to make small changes that make huge differences in their relationships at work and home – improving morale, confidence and productivity. She is the author of Dancing with Strangers: Communication skills for transforming your life at work and at home and 52 Communication Tips. Both are also available on For more information on communication training and services, visit


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