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This Personal Career Coaching Program will teach you how to create an action plan for your career journey in four steps.

Understand Where you Are

Explore Where You Want to Be

Find Your Ideal Job

Develop a Career Action Plan

 Career Coaching Program

with Career Coach Betty Lochner, M.Ed., SPHR

This online career coaching program will help you wherever you are in your career journey. It starts with some self-assessment and goal setting for where you are and where you want to be. It includes actionable tasks that will help you land the job you want. The Program includes online training, resources, and individual coaching sessions.

This program is self-paced and ready for you to start now.

Pricing and registration information is at the bottom of this page.


  • You are ready to find a new job that you enjoy more and look forward to going to each day.
  • You want to move towards a building a career in something that you are more passionate about, brings you more joy or is more meaningful.
  • You are tired of corporate life and want to do your own thing, but aren’t sure what to do or how to get started.
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  • All videos, guides, worksheets, tools, and resources you can download for your convenience.
  • You will learn practical skills that can be applied immediately and will develop your personal Career Action Plan.
  • All training costs are tax deductible.
  • Payment plans are available (Email me at [email protected]) for more information

Program Overview 

The Career Coaching Program is immediately accessible and is ready when you are! 

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Where you Are Now

  • Understand Your Strengths and Talents
  •  Identify Your Values
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Where You Want to Be

  • Identify Your Ideal Career 
  • Match Your Mindset to Goals
  • Begin Your Career Action Plan
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Finding Your Ideal Job

  • Navigate Your Job Search
  • Job Search Toolkit (resume review, interview prep, and job offer resources)
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 Individual Coaching & Next Steps

  • Schedule your session when you are ready to discuss the topics of your choice
  • Complete Your Career Action Plan

Course Instructor: Betty Lochner, M.Ed, SPHR

My passion for helping people find their best career from my experience as a professional career coach at The Evergreen State College. I was there for 7 years. I saw the transformation of students and clients as they identified and landed the job they wanted. 

Since then, I have worked as a professional coach and trainer with people from all types of careers who have one thing in common - they want to follow their passion and love their job!

In this program I will guide you through the process of identifying and landing the job you are looking for.  I focus on how to gain the communication skills and confidence you need in order to move ahead in  your career.

Betty Lochner, Instructor
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Maggie Counihan

I worked with Betty while I was looking for a job. She helped reframe my mindset about job searching and helped turn a difficult time into a positive, learning opportunity. She gave me great guidance on areas to focus on during job interviews. I successfully landed a job, and her coaching was instrumental during that time. 

Debra Kilmer

Debra Kilmer

After being out of the workforce for quite some time, I had a hard time getting my experience across to potential employers. Betty brought my resume back to a marketable version that generated interviews and interest in the exact jobs I had hoped for and I soon landed a dream job! She has been an invaluable resource as I re-enter the workforce.  

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Noel Parrish

When I first started working with Betty, I was a Budget Analyst who needed to improve my communication style to move forward in my career. I have learned so much from her training, coaching and her book that I have been promoted numerous times.  My next step is to work towards the career path that utilizes my new communication skills to an even higher capacity. 




One Time Payment

  • Four self-paced training modules that include videos, exercises, journal pages, tools & worksheets 
  • Two 45-minute Individual Coaching Sessions 
Refunds available from time of purchase until you begin the program. There is no time limit on completing the program. 
Refund policy: Due to the digital nature of the product and its immediate access, we do not offer any refunds after you have started the program. 
Email [email protected] with any questions, or to set up a payment plan.
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