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Ready to Communicate with Ease?

Whether your goal is to be a more positive and confident communicator to build rapport, improve your relationships, further your career, articulate your thoughts, or improve yout HR skills for your business….

… learning to speak and listen more effectively, with confidence and purpose, will make every communication count. My work is based solidly on buildling positive communication skills and habits, including embracing intentional gratitude to tranform you relationships and help you live your best life!


Hi there. I’m Betty Lochner.

I’m a communication, HR and small business coach and host an annual women’s summit (Empower).

I believe that:

• Communicating with confidence is vital for healthy relationships at work (and at home!).

• Small steps and consistency matters.

• Collaboration & engagement are essential.

I can help you develop practical communication skills to power your performance, and get you the results you’ve been looking for.


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I learned so much…

I attended Betty’s communication training as a Budget Analyst. I needed to improve my communication style. I learned so much from her practice and her books that I’ve accepted several promotions and strive even higher.

~ Noel Parrish

Our workplace culture has improved…

Since our team began working with Betty, there is less tension. We are better at problem-solving together, handling problems sooner, appreciating each other, having more fun together, and avoiding the blame game. 

~ Linnea Comstock

Job search mindset…

I worked with Betty while I was looking for a job. She helped re-frame my mindset about job searching and helped turn a difficult time into a positive, learning opportunity. She gave me great guidance on areas to focus on during job interviews. I successfully landed a job, and her coaching was instrumental during that time. I highly recommend Betty for her coaching skills and the courses she offers.

~ Maggie Counihan

I’ve reshaped my thinking…

I started Betty’s management training course at the very beginning of the pandemic.  I used the information and resources as soon as I consumed them! This is a unique course, unlike any I have taken, and it helped me reshape my thinking about what it means to be a good in-person, remote, and now hybrid boss!

~ Lynda Dennis

You are a wonderful business advisor…

Thank you so much for all the great advice, encouragement, wonderful professional service, and very informative and helpful coaching sessions as I start up my new business. 

~ Jennifer Guo

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