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Intentional Gratitude

This gratitude journal is gorgeous. The format, the guidance, the cover photo...all top notch. I've had a few gratitude journals over the years but this one is my favorite. Perfect gift that keeps on giving!


I began writing in it yesterday – the first blessing to count is that Tuesdays are terrific. I used to work for an organization that had very stressful and often unproductive weekly meetings on Tuesdays, this gained the name of Terrible Tuesdays. So very grateful to think of that day of the week differently, now elevating it to the day I start a new gratitude prompt each week. 


I have been following Betty for years since she did a presentation at my place of employment. I was working for a very toxic individual - and the skills she presented helped me to cope with that horrible situation. I have learned so much from her books and following her guidance - I am VERY grateful to have the opportunity to know her and be able to share the joy her guidance brings me.
Oh my goodness...I just received your new gratitude journal... I can tell I’m going to love it. I’m not a big “journaler” but I can tell this is perfect for me. The prompts are perfect with lots of space to write. Also, nice thick quality paper. I highly recommend this whether you journal all the time or are new to journaling. It is just what I need in my life right now.



Communication Tips


If you are like me, you’ve spent a good deal or your life trying to figure out how to communicate. It’s a commitment to do our part to be understood by… and to understand other people. The bit that has been hard is knowing ‘how’ to do that.

This book is the real deal—presenting quick and easy ‘how to…’ tips, not a comprehensive opus on theory. For that look elsewhere. But for techniques to begin using right away, open this book.

52 Communications Tips is a great tool that we are using in our weekly staff meetings. We focus on one tip each week and discuss it together. It's been a great way for some of our folks to feel comfortable relating the tip to some of the challenges they face in their job. It also helps some of our folks - who are normally quiet in our staff meetings - to participate more in our discussion. Everyone, no matter what their position is, can relate to Betty's tips and use them to improve their communication skills.