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How well do you communicate? | Assess your communication skills communication assessment communication skills test communication tips confident communication effective communication learn to communicate listening skills positive communication relationships
Communication works for those who work at it. ~ John Powell

How well do you communicate?

Every contact we make involves communications skills - speaking and listening,  speech patterns, the words we use, the tone of our voice, our body language and even the silences all play a part in how successful our communications are.

Self-awareness can be one of the most effective ways to...

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Multitasking and Communication: The Big Myth business communication clear communication communication tips confident communication efficient multitasking multitask

An empty stomach will not listen to anything ~ Spanish Proverb

Multitasking:  Let’s be honest. Do you ever get distracted and have no idea what the person talking to you just said?

How many times have you been interrupted, changed your focus for a minute, and then thought, ”Now where was I?” Classic multitasking fail.

Multitasking is a Myth


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